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Beautiful Spaniels make lovely pastel dog portraits

Mostly, I’m working at my easel and my pet portraits are secret Christmas commissions, surprises by generous partners or family and friends. So I can’t share as much as I would like of my work in progress of dog portraits and horse portraits. I just had lovely owner reply with a ‘it’s beautiful, and again you have captured him!’. I am reminded that we, worked together before, six years ago I drew another dog for her and her partner. I’ve been drawing pet portraits for over 15 years in Dorset and the South West!

There is nothing more lovely that when someone loves your work enough to search you out years later. I’m always keen to make sure that we get the best possible result so that you have pet portrait to treasure forever.

Thanks for your support.



Dog and pet portraits in pastel

Pastel of people and Pet portraits

Pet portraits, pastel seascapes and portraits of people

Pastels are a versatile media and recently I’ve been exploring different ways of working with both my dog portraits and Dorset seascapes. I have always enjoyed pastels for pet portraits, they have a natural quality that suits animal fur. I use the best quality materials and Jacksons Art Supplies have a great range of pastel cards and pastel pencils, which are my preferred media for getting detail into my work.

Pet and dog portraits in pastel

Dog portrait of a spaniel in Pastel

Pet Portraits

This is one of my recent spaniel portraits, the customer requested a background and, I hope you’ll agree, the end result is successful. I love working on Spaniel pastel portraits, they have beautiful eyes and I enjoy capturing the essence of their character within the final portrait. This one will be new addition to my online card shop.

I’ve recently been working on a commission of a Headmaster to be part of a permanent display in a school in Sussex. It’s not been presented yet so only a snippet for now. I love the way that hands capture as much of a persons personality as the rest of the portrait. Portraits of people are a lovely gift and especially portraits of people and their beloved pets.

pastel portraits by Nina Squire

Pastel portraits

My pastel classes and workshops start again on the 18th June, we look at a range of subjects but dog portraits are a favourite subject. It’s great learning the skills so that you can create your own pet portraits. We have also been working on Dorset Seascapes, here’s an example of what can be achieved with mixed media and pastels. It’s a fun and quick way of working and you are able to get good results quickly with a few tips and tricks.

pastel paintings of Dorset

Pastel of Dorset

Thanks for reading,

Nina Squire
the pastel artist

A new Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop

I’ve always admired Etsy’s beautiful website and the collection of artists and craft makers. Its the perfect platform for my updated card listing, for a limited time the cards are discounted to £1.99.

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the display, let me know how you find it. You will need to create an account with Etsy but this helps with payment security which is why I have favoured it.



I sell on Etsy - Nina Squire  - the pastel artist

I sell on Etsy – Nina Squire – the pastel artist

House portraits – a lovely gift


House portraits – a lovely gift

With Summer approaching it’s a lovely time to consider a house portrait as a lasting memory of your family home. More information here

We can plan for a birthday or anniversary and capture your garden at its best. Using new flowering plants as inspiration or perhaps old photos for inspiration, I can create your personalised house portrait.


Pastel workshops at Stewarts, Wimborne

Hope the start of spring has started you thinking about drawing the lovely Dorset scenery as it comes back to life. My pastel workshops are hosted by Stewarts Garden Centre, in the Phoenix Centre, Wimborne. It’s a great with room with natural light and lots of space. The courses are suitable for beginners and experienced artists, a selection of pastels can be provided for beginners and experimentation. We’ll be covering all sorts of techniques and subjects to get you inspired to take your pastels out and capture a beautiful summer scene.
April 29 th, May 6 th, 13 th, 20 th and 27 th
May 29th to June 13th Dorset Art Weeks 2010 – come and watch demonstrations and see a huge range of artists at Stewarts Garden Centre. More details to follow
June 24 th , July, 1 st, 8 th and 15 th
More information on my website
or give me a call to chat through ideas. 01258 458803

Pastel workshops in Dorset.

My pastel workshops have been running for a few weeks, kindly hosted by Stewarts Garden Centre. We’ve been looking at different themes during the sessions. This week farm yard animals took over!
Joyce found some fantastic pigs whilst out in Dorset. This is her finished pastel painting of them! They are brilliant!
Gilly found these cows near Holt in Wimborne. They make a great pastel painting with the curly coats being a real challenge!
For more information about pastel workshops visit