Portraits of people

Portraits of people

An recent endorsement

Dear Nina                                                                                   June 2015

I wanted to write to thank you for my portrait , which was put up for the governor’s dinner at the end of term at school. I am very pleased with how it all looks and it sits comfortably in the dining room, hanging close to the others and drawing admiring glances and comments for the style and accuracy with which it has been painted rather than the subject! Thank you for working closely with colleagues here to produce a picture that fitted our remit so well.


S Severino

I am now pleased to offer portraits of people. Prices from £350-00, please get in touch for further information – 07967 736762.

A generous endorsement of my work from Mark Price, CEO Waitrose.

When I saw Nina’s drawings of animals it was clear that she had a love and empathy for her subject and the detail was simply extraordinary,’ says Mr Price. ‘I was keen that she immortalise my dog, Cohiba, but also wanted to put myself in the picture. Nina pulled it off brilliantly. Cohiba and I are delighted!’