Monty – Springer spaniel pastel portrait and Bridget’s 3 lovely labradors

Just had this lovely message from Sarah –
Hi! Just to say thank you once again for the picture you did of Monty. Jack loves it as does everyone who has seen it. Thanks once again! Sarah
Thanks Sarah! Its one of my favourites too! Nina

Bridget sent me a note too.

A big thank you for the fabulous pastel portrait of our 3 labradors. It was a fantastic birthday surprise for my partner – he was thrilled, and the look on his face made the sneaking around and secrecy worthwhile! And thank you again for being so patient trying to photograph 3 crazy dogs who just wanted to play! All 3 dogs are such different characters and you’ve managed to capture their individual personalities perfectly – there’s no doubting that’s our girls. The picture has pride of place alongside the beautiful pastel you did of my Sheltie 2 years ago. Thanks again for the beautiful picture, and I’ll be in touch again as we’ve got a new puppy arriving shortly!!!
Thanks Bridget!

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