Sometimes your art day doesn’t go right… thats ok.

“Outtakes 10”

I’ve gradually been trying to improve the quality of my videos by trying new camera angles so that you get the best possible view to see me working. You can see in this video that my camera stand had other ideas. It kept twisting out of its position! I decided to share it with you because it’s been especially important recently to remember, that when it doesn’t all go right, it’s just important to just keep going!

I loved creating the demo that you can see, the mark making was great fun. Experimenting with the brush and dripping liquified pastel makes for some lovely marks. Watching the video back afterwards, I liked the effects, despite the camera playing up. If you are struggling with your artwork, take a break and then come back to it. You tend to see things with fresh eyes and that brings new insights.

I’m using my favourite Unison Colour Pastels and art spectrum colour fix paper. I have used alcohol to liquefy the pastels and you can see some examples of how loose you can be with the mark making. For me this video encapsulates experiments, you can learn a lot from playing with your media and shouldn’t get disheartened if it doesn’t go completely to plan! Happy pastelling Nina

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