My Pastel Classes are Online for Autumn 2020

This summer has been exciting, I’ve had the opportunity and time to rediscover my love of pastels. 
Early this year, Lockdown gave me the opportunity of time, re-focusing on the things I enjoy. I’m lucky enough to have a job I love but I must admit it wasn’t until recently I realised what a wonderful sanctuary our art world is. 

I started revisiting old photos and favourite views, because Lockdown gave me a chance to think about the things I wanted to create, using them to inspire my weekly demos for my art class. My inspiration was very simply, ‘views I’d like to be in’.

My loyal customers have been a wonderful support and through their encouragement I’ve created more artwork and started providing teaching online for new members. Here’s a link to my Youtube channel which shows some of the time lapses of longer tutorials. Previously I have been predominantly a commission based artist but indulging my love of the sea has led to commissions for the views that others missed too. It’s been a wonderful treat to capture the magic of someone’s memory of a beautiful place. I’m well known for my animal portraits but my days off are often on or by the sea, those were the views I missed during lockdown.

The feedback from my online workshops has been inspiring, I know through drawing a favourite view, you are transported to that place. A virtual break from the comfort of your own easel. If you feel that you would love to be able to create your own perfect view. Please get in touch.

Pastels is a very forgiving media for new artists and I’m happy to say that my art group is a friendly encouraging group of creatives. You can join our Facebook group, art online, to find out more about our recent projects.

Art Online – Pastel Workshops by Nina Squire

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