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Pet portrait of a black labrador

Pet portrait of a black labrador I’m just trying out time-lapse, what do you think so far? Drawing Black labradors are always a challenge I enjoy. I love creating the black shine of the fur and that sparkle in your dog’s eye. This particular pet portrait is one that I’ve been looking forward to. I …

Pet portraits and greetings cards

Pet portraits and greetings cards My greetings cards have always been a popular part of my pet portrait displays. When I’m doing pastel workshops they work as a portfolio of treasured previous pet portraits. I find people often want a pastel portrait in a similar style to one of my characters. One lovely labrador, posed so beautifully …

2 lovely black labradors

These two happy black labrador owners came to pick up their new portrait. They said they liked it because ‘it looks just like them at home’. Thanks boys.

Work in progress-Black Labrador portrait

This is all so far, it’s a surprise so that’s all I can show! Still some work to do yet.

Black labrador pastel portrait

Finished portrait of Murphy

Working on some commissions for birthday suprises…..

Black Labrador portraits – its a surprise for someone so that’s all I can show so far! Pastel portrait of ‘Heinz 57’ dog. There’s a bit of everything in there!

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