Navigating Facebook – Finding your Workshop Groups and reference material.

Finding Workshop Groups

Head to my Facebook page.

Nina Squire – the pastel artist

It is important that you navigate to my Facebook page firstly, so that you can access all of my personal page’s art workshop ‘Groups’ rather than just general Facebook Groups.

When you are on my ‘Nina Squire – the pastel artist’ Facebook page, click on the menu heading that says ‘Groups’.
You will see a list of all the workshop Groups.

Click on the Group you want to access information for. It will say ‘joined’ if you are a member.

When in my Workshop Group, in the top section of the ‘Group’ you can see a section called ‘Featured’ or ‘Announcements’.
Click it to view these posts. Wait for it to load.

Scroll downwards, waiting for the posts to load, to find all of the information regarding the workshop. As it is a recording, the posts are recorded chronologically, so you will need to scroll further down to find the reference photo, for example.

The ‘Featured’ list are the posts that I have highlighted as important for the workshop. You might need to scroll along or down to find the information you are looking for.


If you are a member of my Group you will receive support and feedback from your fellow course members. I will comment on people’s work from time to time, as time allows. I will not be able to answer every question outside of workshop delivery days immediately but there will be many opportunities to interact with me directly, including the livestream + Q&A sessions which are included as part of your Spring Series.

To keep your costs down, Facebook Workshop Groups are not monitored daily. Due to Facebooks settings, I will not always be notified if you ask a question of me in a post. I will put up a post for you to post questions on which I will refer to during the next week. If you request is more urgent, I will aim to respond to your message within 48hours during working hours on weekdays. Those needing more detailed feedback would need to book a 1 to 1 session, I release a limited number of these as time allows.