Hello and welcome,

I’ve loved the community that has grown up around my Online Art courses. I have put together a series of workshops for the Autumn Term so we can work together building skills and confidence over the coming months. I’ll be covering the topics listed below as well as areas that come up during the workshops. You can buy all 8 or individual workshops, depending on your preference. You can join at any stage as the workshops are all recorded so you can catch up on missed weeks.

My two hour demonstrations, will, as before, show you my process, meaning you can learn from techniques that I will explain and demonstrate. You’ll learn some pastel techniques which you can use for your own projects and develop artwork taking inspiration from scenes that I’ll share with you.

I’m keeping our group small, you will find as well as enjoying your development as an artist, you will also be part of our friendly online community.

  • I will be recording demonstrations for flexibility, so you can watch at a time to suit you or at a pace that suits you.
  • I have set up a special Facebook Group for people to share and gain feedback and support on your artworks from me and our online friends.

I will be using Unison Colour Soft Pastels on specialist sanded pastel cards with liquid to create painted pastels. Click here to read more about my suggested materials list. The list below gives you an outline of what we’ll cover. We’ll add to it along the way, responding and adapting as we find new topics to inspire us.

£15.00 per workshop or here’s a special offer, just for you, 8 week Autumn Term for £100-00

Capturing the last of the warm summer evenings

Finding your Viewpoint – creativity and composition – This workshop is designed to help you find your viewpoint when planning an artwork. Create this beautiful sunset whilst learning soft pastel painting skills. Plus tips on how to scale up your work. When you book the workshop you’ll receive a link to the facebook Group with a video recording.

Sparkles and capturing interest, glimpses of the sea

Colour and contrast – How do I know what colours to use? I will show you how to develop your own colour palette. You’ll develop an understanding on how to choose colours and more confidence when planning your own artwork. You’ll watch me create this beautiful seascape glimpse which is a great way of learning more about capturing sparkling seas in soft pastel, foliage and tips for trees.

Autumnal Trees – Using soft pastel I will demonstrate a beautiful autumnal scene, focussing on creating lively golden foliage and tips for trees. If booking via Eventbrite, look for the booking email which has the event information at the bottom.

October 19th
10am – 12 UK Time
Apple Harvest – using soft pastel and liquid to create a gorgeous apple orchard and dappled light. If booking via Eventbrite, please look for an event confirmation for information about the workshop at the bottom of the email.

Fabulous stormy clouds make for the best dramatic skys

November 2nd
10am – 12 UK Time
Clouds and blending – taking inspiration from our glorious Dorset coast, we will focus on creating depth in clouds and a distant sea view. If booking via Eventbrite then look for their confirmation email for information about the workshop.

November 16th
10am – 12 UK Time
Seascapes – sparkling waves and stormy seas in soft pastel. Create this beautiful seascape with me in a, draw along with me, style demo. If booking via Eventbrite then look for their confirmation email for information about the workshop.

November 30th
10am – 12 UK Time
Seascapes – Part 2 – sparkling waves and stormy seas in soft pastel. Working on the translucency of water, we will create this artwork of a backlit wave in a, draw along with me, style of demo.

Rescue tips for those days where you just don’t know how to fix that painting – tip 1 -taking a break often helps

December 7th
10am – 12 UK Time Finishing your artwork. A series of 6 tips to help you rescue paintings in the ‘not quite finished’ pile. Plus create this beautiful autumnal walk in soft pastel, watching me create this winter walk.

£15.00 per workshop or here’s a special offer, just for you, 8 week Autumn Term for £100-00

Please email thepastelartist@gmail.com for more details or use the contact page.

Spring Term

18th January – A New Year Creative Challenge – Snowy Scenes – Alpine Town Set your creative goals and find your inspiration –

1st February – Dorset Cottage by Firelight 15th February Bluebells

1st March Tropical Beach 15th March Sheep and landscape 29th March St Ives as night

Summer Term – DATEs TBC

26th April – Taking composition to the next level

10th May – Seascapes at sunset

24th May – Sparkling waves

7th June Sunflowers at sundown 21st June Summer Meadow Flowers