Dunes and beach walks – Online Art Workshops – draw along in real time


I will be using Unison Colour Soft Pastels to create a beautiful dunes and beachscape view. We will be exploring colour and techniques to help you capture dunes, marram grasses and distant seas. I hope this workshop will give you confidence to start painting outside.


The Live session is 7th June at 10am -12 UK time or you can access as a recording at a time and pace that suit you. The video is hosted in a dedicated Facebook Group or you can access the recording in other formats, you prefer.

You can paint along with me or just watch me and absorb the process to repeat at a later date. I suggest watching and drawing a second time, as it’s hard to do both things well, in my experience. I’m using ( approx 20 x 30 cm ) Fisher 400 and Unison Colour pastels, learn more about the workshops here. You don’t have to use sanded papers but they make a huge difference to the vibrancy of your artwork when used with good quality pigments like Unison Colour.

When you buy the workshop recording, I will invite you to the Facebook Group via a link in the website receipt, there’s a recorded video, bespoke colour chart and all the reference materials within the Facebook Group for you to access listed under “Announcements” within the Facebook Group.




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