Number 6 – Online Art Workshops – draw along in real time


Seascape Number 6

Not all seascapes have crashing waves. We also need to look at wet sand and the reflections it creates. The colours and contrasts that we are using to build up the foreground are satisfying areas of interest which lead your eye into the composition. It is important to look for areas of interest in your artwork and to keep adding them, even when you think you’re finished. You should often take a break, to come back to your work with fresh eyes. It’s not always practical, but turning the artwork upside down can help you notice new details or areas that need adjustment. The workshop was inspired by a Summer Project with the National Trust at Studland who have been championing efforts to preserve our beautiful Dunes with a project called Dynamic Dunescapes

I’m using Art Spectrum and Unison Colour pastels, learn more about the workshops here.



Seascape Number 6


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