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I’ve loved the community that has grown up around my online soft pastel workshops. I have put together a series of workshops for the Summer Series so we can work together building skills and confidence over the coming months. I’ll be covering the topics listed below as well as areas that come up during the workshops. You can buy all 4 or individual workshops, depending on your preference. You can join at any stage as the workshops are all recorded so you can catch up on missed weeks.

My two hour demonstrations, will, as before, show you my process, meaning you can learn from techniques that I will explain and demonstrate. You’ll learn some pastel techniques which you can use for your own projects and develop artwork taking inspiration from scenes that I’ll share with you.

I’m keeping our group small, you will find as well as enjoying your development as an artist, you will also be part of our friendly online community.

  • I will be recording demonstrations for flexibility, so you can watch at a time to suit you or at a pace that suits you.
  • I have set up a special Facebook Group for people to share and gain feedback and support on your artworks from me and our online friends.

I will be using Unison Colour Soft Pastels on specialist sanded pastel cards with liquid to create painted pastels. Click here to read more about my suggested materials list. The list below gives you an outline of what we’ll cover. We’ll add to it along the way, responding and adapting as we find new topics to inspire us.

£16.00 per workshop or here’s a special offer, 15% off when you book all 4 workshops, a small thank you for your support.

4 week Summer Series for £54-00

online soft pastel workshops

Summer Series – Live Sessions

10 am – 12 am Tuesday – Dates below.

All sessions are recorded for you to repeat or watch at a time and pace that suits you.

Please email for more details or use the contact page.

Workshop 1 Summer 2022 – 26th April

Capture Summer Clouds – Sunlit fields and beautiful clouds make perfect summer days. Here’s a chance to prefer yours here.

Workshop 2 Summer 2022 – 10th May – I just love the sparkles of the foreshore, I’ll be sharing some tips for capturing flotsam and jetsam from a beautiful Dorset beach.

Workshop 3 Summer 2022 – 7th June – Using Debbie H photo as inspiration, I have some fantastic tips to share when creating dunes and a pathways to sunny beaches.

Workshop 4 Summer 2022 – 21st June – I have a new summer meadow image to share with you.

Magical meadows


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11 Comments on “Summer Series”

    • Hi Jill, lovely to hear from you, the dates are listed within the page, Summer Series, there is a link to it from the product page or via the drop down menu on the website. Hope that helps. Nina

      • Thank you Nina, I have found them all and look forward to be infected by your enthusiasm and serious help on my pastel journey ! Jill

  1. Dear Nina, I have watched your video about unison soft pastels. I am interested in signing on to your workshops, but…..
    I do not have the materials you are suggesting.
    I have some ink tense pastels and a few Sennelier pastels (their start pastels 4 in total.
    One Pad of pastel paper not the one you suggested. (The sample pack in Jacksons is not available at the moment and the regular sheets are quite pricy.).
    My question, could I make use of the material I have or is it crucial to purchase the material you suggest. Furthermore I do not subscribe to Facebook, personal reasons.
    Let me know your thoughts on this.
    Thank you very

    • Hello. Thank you for your interest. I have emailed you a reply, I thought that would be easier for us both. Just in case you don’t get it, yes, you don’t have to have the same materials as me, but it does help to have a good range of colours in a good quality brand. Sennelier are brilliant pastels, great choice and good range of colours. I’m sure ink tense would be ideal as they are good quality pigments.The paper that I use is sanded and allows a liquid under painting. Is your pastel paper sanded or waterproof? I can offer the workshops via Zoom or as recordings on Youtube, so there’s a way of avoiding Facebook if you prefer. Best wishes. Nina

      • Hi Nina, I would like to join via YouTube so that I can go back as I am not very fast worker.
        As I mentioned I don’t have sanded pastel paper, but 300g Saunders Waterford. Please let me know how to prepare it.

  2. Thank you Nina, I have found them all and look forward to be infected by your enthusiasm and serious help on my pastel journey ! Jill

  3. I am interested in the summer classes however I am not clear on whether one has to attend on a specific day and time. Are the classes on zoom? Could I access them when I am able?

    • Hello, Thank you for your enquiry. I run the Live workshop on the dates shown, it’s recorded for flexibility, so that people can access it at a time and pace that suits them. I use Zoom to create a Live stream which is also shown on Facebook. You can access it either via Facebook or Zoom. Let me know if you have any more questions, always happy to help. Best wishes Nina

  4. Hi Nina, I met you during the Dorset Art Weeks at Stewarts Nursery. I would love to join one of your courses now. Could you let me know what you have coming up from September onwards please? Thanks

    • Thank you for getting in touch, I have just put the dates together for the September Term. I will email you the details. If you would like a taster, I have a space for you to join on the 14th July in Holt, let me know if you can make it. Best wishes. Nina

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