Artist and Soft Pastel Tutor

Online Art demos

My ‘real time, draw along with me’, online videos can inspire a new hobby for beginners or provide new skills for the experienced artist.

Pet portraits

A collection of pastel pet portraits, I have been working to commission for over 20 years.

Horse Portraits

My beautiful horse portraits are the perfect gift or for prize winners.

Original Seascapes

My originals inspired by the local coastline.

Online Art Workshops are pre recorded videos that allow
you to work at your own pace learning a new skill.

Artwork, prints and Online Art Workshops

My favourite views can inspire a new hobby, create a lovely gift or bring a favourite view to hang on your wall.

I’m passionate about pastels

Being an Associate Artist for Unison Colour is a commitment to my media. Unison are passionate about the traditional craftsmanship that goes into creating quality art materials