Online Art Workshop – Seascapes – especially for beginners


This is the ideal view to gain confidence in soft pastels. A recorded demonstration of my process from start to finish, means you can repeat sections if you need to and at your own pace. I’m using Unison Colour Pastels and Sennelier Pastel Card, but you could use the pastels you have. It’s a great workshop to build confidence and develop skills, if you are returning after a break from art. A great set to buy alongside your seascape workshop is my 16 Half Stick Unison Colour Set

Please contact me for a Paypal invoice or other payment options, if you are outside the UK.

Here’s a link to a time-lapse to show you what is covered in the workshop.

Link to Youtube Time-lapse 


I wanted to start of with a forgiving subject, knowing that the first experience can be so influenced by that choice. This gorgeous view is perfect, if it’s your first time or you are just returning to it after a break, here’s a great place to start. A sunny view with a fluffy crashing wave, it gets you using the media without having to worry too much about drawing skills which always come with time. I’m using Senneiler pastel card and my 16 Unison Colour Seascape Starter set, you can use other brands but you will find it easier if you use the same sanded surfaces as me. Haven’t tried any, well, then here’s a great selection pack by my favourite online retailer – Jacksons Art. Please contact me for more information and tips on starting your new hobby. Gift Voucher available to make this a gift.


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