Taking an Online Art Workshop

Like most of us, this last few months has meant lots of changes to the way I work. 

One of my unexpected confessions is that I am now a big fan of Online Art Teaching!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bustle of a art class and you can’t beat a natter over lunch with fellow artists but here’s some of the advantages that I have observed.

When people are accessing my pre recorded art sessions, they are doing so from the comfort of their own homes. They are relaxed and in surroundings they know and that feeling of relaxedness is so important in creating a good learning experience.

Watching me work allows them to see how I apply the pastels in detail, real time allows me to chat though tips as I work and it’s as close to a one to one workshop as you can get.

The feedback has been enthusiastic, from admitting that they found an art class daunting to saying it helped to be able to stop and repeat sections. Art Online has created opportunities for people who couldn’t usually access an art class to enjoy a new way of learning.

My Facebook Community has been growing and that’s been where we have shown support for people’s new found skills and I know how important they have found that encouragement too.

It’s helped my teaching too, watching my demos back, I can see how many times I am able to know intuitively what colour needs to go where and how they finest sparkles can make all the difference. 

I’ve taken more time to add those details into workshops. Those tiny additions are so small but take years to master, watching these happen in real time is a real accelerator for a students learning.

I know this because I am constantly so amazed with the results of my new students and so encouraged by their positive feedback.

Art is a brilliant escape and I’ve loved watching people flourish through learning a new skill and enjoy finding new pastels. This is part of a new partnership with Unison Colour, for whom I am an Associate Artist.

If you know someone who would enjoy Art Online, please ask pass on my details.

We are always welcoming new students.

Here’s a link to my Youtube Channel where the latest Online Demos are listed.

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