Our online art community

I’ve loved the community that has grown up around my online soft pastel workshops and I’m so excited to share my second Autumn Series of workshops. I hope you’ll enjoy working with me to continue building skills and confidence over the Autumn. I’ll be covering the topics listed below as well as areas that come up during the workshops. You can buy all 8 or individual workshops, depending on your preference. You can join at any stage as the workshops are all recorded so you can catch up on missed weeks.

My two hour demonstrations, will, as before, show you my process, meaning you can learn from techniques that I will explain and demonstrate. You’ll learn some pastel techniques which you can use for your own projects and develop artwork taking inspiration from scenes that I’ll share with you. 

I’m keeping our group small, you will find as well as enjoying your development as an artist, you will also be part of our friendly online community.

  • I will be recording demonstrations for flexibility, so you can watch at a time to suit you or at a pace that suits you.
  • I have set up a special Facebook Group for people to share and gain feedback and support on your artworks from me and our online friends. 

I will be using Unison Colour Soft Pastels on specialist sanded pastel cards with liquid to create painted pastels. Click here to read more about my suggested materials list. The list below gives you an outline of what we’ll cover. We’ll add to it along the way, responding and adapting as we find new topics to inspire us.

I’ve created a special discount for you. The sessions are £16.00 each or when you buy the £128.00 8 Week Autumn Series, there’s a 15% discount applied, £108.00

Autumn Series

Week 1 – Live Session – 6th September 10 am – 12 UK Time

Get your art mojo back after the Summer break. This will be a great way to refresh your skills and a confidence builder. We’ll cover techniques and tips for creating perspective and sparkling hedgerows, it’s perfecting the recipe of darks and a selection of greens. The clouds are especially important in this artwork and I’ll show you how I build them up in layers along with my favourite techniques with liquid and soft pastel.

Week 2 Live session – 20th September 10 am – 12 UK time

Capturing the misty light and creating a believable trees, alongside using complimentary colours to make your landscapes glow. We’ll work through techniques and processes for creating an evocative woodland walk.

Week 3 Live Session – 4th October 10 am – 12

I love colour studies! This is the way in which as artist works their ideas out on paper ahead of a finished artwork. In exploring this river view as a subject, you’ll work alongside me from this colour study to artwork. You will learn how to keep your mark making fresh and preserve the energy a colour study captures.

Week 4 Live session – 18th October 10 am – 12

I’m taking you to one of my favourite Cornish views from Mother Ivey’s Bay. This crashing wave gives us the perfect opportunity to perfect your techniques in creating sparkling water and glistening rocks. If you love sea-spray, you’ll love the techniques covered in this workshop.

Week 5 Live session – 1st November 10 am – 12

We are tackling perspective and using beach huts to explore structures in your landscapes. In this artwork, alongside the structure of buildings is the contrast of a shoreline of rocks. I’ll share with you my best tips for tackling difficult areas of complex shapes and the structures of rocks.

Week 6 Live session 15th November 10am – 12

We’ll be refreshing your techniques for distant foliage and interest with special focus on foreground details and mark making. I’ll also be sharing with you tips for discovering ways to find a composition in your daily walk.

Week 7 Live session – 29th November 10am- 12 UK Time

Moving water is challenge that pastels love. It’s all about capturing sparkling greens and the magic of falling water. We’ll cover techniques for foliage and trees and keeping those greens and the water sparkling.

Week 8 – Live session – 13th December 10am – 12 UK Time

Sunset evening walks – Perfect your sunsets and learn about creating perspective in waves and water. Learn how to simplify shapes and use negative space effectively to help you draw more accurately and effectively capture the qualities of moving water.